Latest Major Healthcare Breach Highlights the Need for More “Community” in Information Security

By: May 21, 2015

In what has become the third major healthcare insurance breach in the United States this year, CareFirst, a Blue Cross Blue Shield plan, revealed that hackers attacked its computer systems potentially affecting 1.1 million customers. According to CareFirst, hackers gained… Read More

Partners Using Carbon Black: Responding to an Endpoint Threat in 90 Seconds

By: May 21, 2015

By Chris Rothe, Red Canary (Editor’s note: This post originally appeared on Red Canary’s website. Red Canary is a Bit9 + Carbon Black partner. To learn more about our partnerships, click here.) At Red Canary, we’re always looking to simplify… Read More

5 Ways to Make Information Sharing Programs More Successful

By: May 20, 2015

Threat intelligence and information sharing are critical ingredients to improving the cyber-security posture of both the private and public sectors. It is clear from the volume, sophistication and diversity of the cyber attacks we are seeing that the “bad guys”… Read More

It’s Time to Reimagine Incident Response

By: May 18, 2015

Incident response is not about NIST 800-61’s governance-focused “Incident Response Process.” It’s about bytes over the wire, hands on keyboard, tactical steps that responders use during an investigation. As information security programs embrace detection and response, they are building repeatable… Read More

Top 10 Blogs of 2015…So Far

By: May 15, 2015

We’ve seen incredible traffic to the Bit9 + Carbon Black Blog in 2015. Thanks for reading! Click the image below to open a countdown of the top 10 blogs of 2015, so far. What has been the most popular topic?… Read More

#BENBLOG: ‘Tailored Attacks Require Tailored Defenses’

By: May 13, 2015