How I Quit Freaking Out Over Strange Network Traffic

By: July 6, 2015

This past weekend I received one of the most dreaded messages a SecOps member can get: “I think someone is trying to get into my account.” I immediately ran over to my laptop and logged in. Once I logged into… Read More

#BENVLOG: Get to Root Cause By Rewinding the Tape

By: July 2, 2015

As Ben Johnson notes in his latest video blog, getting to (and understanding) the root cause of an attack can be achieved with a continuous monitoring approach.

Sexy Dashboards May Be Providing a False Sense of Security

By: June 29, 2015

One of Ben Johnson’s recent video blogs was about the perils of dashboarding. Now, I admit, I am a visual person and not a list/numbers/bullets or red/yellow/green guy. I want my scatter plots! I want my heartbeats! But I know… Read More

#BENVLOG: Hardening Systems with Appropriate Buy-In

By: June 25, 2015

As Ben Johnson notes in his latest vlog, all members of your organization should understand they are part of the “defense.” That understanding may lead to a more effective hardening of the required systems, Ben says.

2015 Point-of-Sale Security Mid-Year Health Assessment: Budgets are on the Rise, but Where’s the Money Going?

By: June 23, 2015
POS Banner

Point-of-sale systems (POS) are in the crosshairs for the same reasons that certain operating systems and applications always seem to be targeted by hackers—they’re in widespread use, and their weaknesses are fairly well-known. According to World Bank estimates, there are… Read More

As Hacking Evolves into a Business, So Should Your Perspective

By: June 22, 2015

I often read articles about how ISIS is doing something entrepreneurial and how they are running their organization like American businesses with effective marketing techniques. I read that they are “brand-savvy” and “bottom-line aware.” They recruit talent with “Hollywood slickness,”… Read More