The March Madness of Cyber Security

By: March 24, 2015

It’s March Madness. My bracket is busted. Thanks to N.C. State’s upset of Villanova, many of my friends’ brackets are busted as well. While we’ve all come to know March Madness for the buzzer-beating basketball games and Cinderella upsets and… Read More

A Condition-Monitoring Approach to Cyber Security

By: March 23, 2015

To a plant maintenance engineer, the chance that a project might “blow up” is more than just a figure of speech—it’s a real-life risk. So we can be sure that these maintenance managers take their jobs very seriously. In this… Read More

3 Steps to Reduce Third-Party Security Risks

By: March 19, 2015

The 2014 Trustwave State of Risk report announced that almost half of the companies surveyed that use third parties to manage sensitive data did not have a third-party management program in place. This is an alarming number and a troubling… Read More

Premera Blue Cross Breach Continues String of Attacks against Healthcare Organizations

By: March 18, 2015

Healthcare insurer Premera Blue Cross announced on Tuesday it was the victim of a cyber attack that may have exposed medical records and financial information for as many as 11 million customers. Premera said attackers gained access to claims data,… Read More

Protecting the Enterprise in a World of “Advanced” Attacks Still Requires the Basics

By: March 17, 2015

Many in the security field are tired of terms like “APT” and “advanced threat” (and cyber, and big-data, etc.) They’re also quick to disparage the use of the word “advanced” in the context of the latest infosec-gizmo-whiz-bang tools being touted… Read More

Point-of-Sale Security for Dummies: PCI DSS as a Measuring Stick for POS Security

By: March 16, 2015

(Today, in part five of our Point-of-Sale Security for Dummies blog series, we take a look at PCI DSS. In part four, we tackled current limitations that exist in point-of-sale security systems. In part three, we looked at advanced attacks and… Read More