Tech Tuesday: Carbon Black Integration with iSIGHT Partners for Enhanced Detection & Response

By: July 28, 2015

Carbon Black is the industry’s leading endpoint threat detection and response solution. To enhance Carbon Black’s detection and response capabilities, Carbon Black pulls in threat intelligence from the Bit9 + Carbon Black Threat Intelligence Cloud, which offers comprehensive advanced threat… Read More

To Secure Your Community, It’s Time to Call Out the “Busters”

By: July 27, 2015

The Different Drum, by M. Scott Peck, is a book about how you build a robust “community.” “Community” as defined by the book means ” a group of people committed to some goal or purpose.” Commitment is absolutely key in… Read More

Using Bit9 to Mitigate MS15-078/CVE-2015-2426

By: July 24, 2015

As the fallout from The Hacking Team compromise continues, another zero-day in their possession has come to light. This one consists of a kernel vulnerability that not only provides privilege escalation, but also remote code execution. It’s serious enough that… Read More

As Car Hacking Becomes ‘A Thing’ It’s on Automakers to Protect Critical Auto Functions

By: July 23, 2015

This week, we saw an article talking about the latest proof of concept for remotely controlling automobiles. Hacking cars, you mean?! Yes, and this shouldn’t be terribly surprising. Cars are full of computers. The article discusses how automakers are trying… Read More

#BENVLOG: “The bad guys learn. Why don’t we learn?”

By: July 22, 2015

In today’s video blog from Bit9 + Carbon Black, Chief Security Strategist Ben Johnson spends some time at the whiteboard to discuss the incident management cycle and reveals his thoughts on learning just as the ‘bad guys’ do.

Tech Tuesday: Auto Ban Files Off of Carbon Black Watchlists Using Event Rules in Bit9

By: July 21, 2015

Learn how to automatically ban files off of Carbon Black watchlists using event rules within the Bit9 Security Platform. The Bit9 Security Platform is the industry’s most comprehensive endpoint threat protection solution and the world’s most widely deployed application whitelisting… Read More