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Jon Cilley is digital marketing specialist, researcher, social media community manager, and blog team lead at Bit9. Working with Bit9’s research team, Jon produces reports such as Bit9’s Orphan Android report, 2012 Bit9 Cyber Security Research Report, Pausing Google Play and others. Jon has worked for the U.S. Coast Guard as a public affairs specialist and an analyst managing media outlets during high-profile cases (Cosco Busan Oil Spill), and has worked extensively with international media markets. As a spokesperson for the Coast Guard, Jon developed market strategies, conducted live and taped interviews with major media markets, and consulted the Commandant of the Coast Guard, Speaker of the House, and others.

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Mutually Assured Destruction: The Only Thing Preventing Cyber War?

By: June 25, 2013

Throughout the Cold War, the United States and the former Soviet Union were locked in an arms race. As this war persisted for more than four decades, the only thing preventing a nuclear catastrophe was mutually assured destruction. Sadly, the… Read More

PRISM: An Unauthorized Version of CISPA?

By: June 13, 2013

Many cybersecurity professionals will tell you that better communication between U.S. companies and the government is needed to effectively deal with the growing number of cyber attacks. Despite the ultimate unpopularity of the proposed-but-never-enacted Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act… Read More

The Connected Business: Android and Social Networking Malware Thriving

By: June 6, 2013
Android Malware

Both Android and Facebook share common threads: they give their users control; they’re the most popular in their space; and they have difficulty containing their users while not removing value. Elements of these features are what have made these platforms… Read More

Could Twitter’s Security Woes Lead to National Security Threats?

By: May 9, 2013
Twitter Lock

High-profile Twitter hacks have become increasingly common over the past year. But despite repeated negative headlines, Twitter has done little to resolve the issue. Making matters worse, last month’s Associated Press Twitter breach (claiming a terrorist attack had injured President… Read More

ACLU Calls for Investigation of Android Security Threat – Blames Carriers

By: April 24, 2013
Android Fragmentation

The ACLU recently wrote a 16-page complaint to the Federal Trade Commission accusing wireless carriers of purposefully preventing the push of patch updates to most Android devices, leaving them vulnerable to attack. Most of the known security flaws on Android… Read More

Is This the Year We See a Major Cyberattack on U.S. Critical Infrastructure?

By: March 29, 2013

Obvious statement alert: The world is totally dependent on its utility infrastructure—energy, water, sewage, etc. So, with that revelation out of the way, let’s talk about the state of cybersecurity in the energy sector. When systems are first put online,… Read More