Protecting Your Critical Assets Requires Security and Business Tool Integration

By: May 1, 2015

Integrating security tools with business tools is important. It’s also an overlooked process for many enterprises. By answering a few critical questions for your organization, however, you may be on your way to better understanding (and protecting) your environment. Let’s… Read More

Threat Intelligence, Partnerships Help Create “Cyber Herd Immunity”

By: April 29, 2015

Herd immunity is a powerful form of disease and infection protection. It is the indirect protection against infectious disease that results from a large percentage of a population becoming immune to a particular infection. In essence, the individual is safer… Read More

FBI Warning: Hacktivists May Target Law Enforcement Personnel as Protests Unfold

By: April 28, 2015

The FBI recently issued a warning for U.S. police officers to limit their exposure on the Web, including social media sites, as hacktivists may target law enforcement officials and their families as protests continue to unfold in Baltimore. The warning… Read More

Point-of-Sale Security for Dummies: Defining Your POS Security Requirements

By: April 27, 2015

(Today, in part seven of our Point-of-Sale Security for Dummies blog series, we look at your POS security requirements.  In part six we took a look at maintaining PCI compliance after achieving it. In part five we took an initial… Read More

RSA Roundup: Thoughts from the Red-Eye Back to Atlanta

By: April 24, 2015

I cannot sleep. I am sitting on the red-eye back to Atlanta returning from the RSAC in San Francisco. Even after having worked my tail to the bone in the Bit9 booth at the conference, I cannot sleep. I simply… Read More

Modern Security Requires an Active Mindset

By: April 22, 2015

There are two kinds of people I encounter during my presentations about the Bit9 Security Platform to prospective customers: Reactive Navigation Mode (Operational): In this line of thinking, a prospective customer reacts to my presentation by thinking: “Oh no! More… Read More