The “Romance” of Hacking is all in the Dirty Details

By: April 6, 2015

In my last post, I wrote about how well-crafted APTs are like well-crafted love letters, and how the human element is what makes them so dangerous. I also promised some real-world examples. The incidents below are not unlike incidents that… Read More

Point-of-Sale Security for Dummies: Getting To (and Maintaining) a State of PCI Compliance

By: April 2, 2015

(Today, in part six of our Point-of-Sale Security for Dummies blog series, we take a look at maintaining PCI compliance. In part five we took an initial look at PCI DSS. In part four, we tackled current limitations that exist… Read More

Information Sharing: Walking a Tightrope or Tightening the Rope?

By: March 31, 2015

Technology and politics make strange bedfellows. Rarely do politicians understand the capabilities or nuances of the cyber landscape, and rarely do technologists understand (or care to understand) the compromises of politics. But in a world of cyber espionage and cyber… Read More

Planning to Respond: Attacks of Opportunity vs. Attacks of Intent

By: March 30, 2015

Cyber crime has been in the national spotlight quite a lot lately, prompting many organizations to have serious discussions about data security, prevention techniques, detection solutions, and incident response plans. However, it’s been response that’s jumped to the forefront of… Read More

Who Knew Computer Security Could Be So Romantic?

By: March 27, 2015

Have you ever come home on a special day with a bouquet of red roses and a box of chocolates and gotten a slap in the face? You were thinking: “This time, I remembered!” Your partner was thinking: “I prefer… Read More

With 110 Days Left Until WS2K3 Deadline, Many Organizations Are Unprepared

By: March 26, 2015

There are 110 days left until July 14, 2015, the day Microsoft will end support for Windows Server 2003 (WS2K3.) Be honest with me for a second. Did you actually know that date? You’re probably not alone if you didn’t…. Read More