In a World of Metaphors, IT and Endpoint Security Have a Lot in Common

By: June 8, 2015

I am always searching for metaphors that will help communicate basic security concepts and demonstrate the danger zones in the new security landscape. I tend to reach into our personal lives for these metaphors. I do this because I know… Read More

Video #BENBLOG: Instead of Sexy Dashboards, Pay Attention to Alerts

By: June 4, 2015

For information security professionals, contextual, enriched alerts are exponentially more valuable than sexy dashboards. Ben Johnson explains why.

Decoupling Network from Endpoint Security

By: June 3, 2015

(Editor’s note: This blog appears as part of the eBook, “Should You Buy Endpoint Security from a Network Security Vendor?” available here.) By Richard Stiennon, Chief Research Analyst, IT-Harvest Decoupling, an engineering term used to describe breaking a problem into its component… Read More

5 Ways Customers and Partners Are Using Bit9’s New RESTful API

By: June 2, 2015

Carbon Black set the bar by providing an open and extensible platform on which anyone can extend integrations, interfaces and workflows. Bit9 now follows in those footsteps with a RESTful API that enables our customers and partners to create all… Read More

The Cyber Insurance Industry Starts to Push Back on Weak IT Security

By: June 1, 2015

It has been well publicized that the healthcare industry has been targeted in recent years by cyber attacks—some exposing up to 80 million patient records. So the leak of roughly 32,000 records from California-based Cottage Health System in 2013 seemed… Read More

IRS Data Breach Just the Latest Example of How Criminals Monetize Information

By: May 28, 2015

According to the Internal Revenue Service, attackers used stolen data to gain access to tax returns of more than 100,000 people via the IRS website. As reported by the New York Times, “using Social Security numbers, birth dates, street addresses… Read More