CTO Corner: 3 Mobile Threats to Keep on Your Radar

By: May 6, 2015

Last week, my colleague Chris Lord offered an excellent look at some of the mobile trends seen at this year’s RSAC. As he noted, the increased prevalence and creation of apps and mobile malware as well as changes to the… Read More

Build Your Own Team of Information Security “Avengers”

By: May 5, 2015

When building out a team in information security, it’s important to understand the skills and traits of the people you’re bringing together. After all, the purpose of a team is to act as a unified group vs. one individual trying… Read More

In Information Security, “Seeing the Forest” is Critical

By: May 4, 2015

Security is a different game than it was five…heck, even two years ago. “Features,” “components” and software “add-ons” have been replaced by “context, “relationships” and, perhaps most importantly, “visibility.” Simply put, what you are able to “see” in your environment… Read More

What’s in Your Pocket? 6 Mobile Themes from RSAC 2015

By: May 1, 2015

Judging by the activity at RSA last week, mobile security vendors were ahead of mobile security concerns. The hype on the expo floor was largely absent, but the attendance in mobile security sessions was higher than I have seen in… Read More

Protecting Your Critical Assets Requires Security and Business Tool Integration

By: May 1, 2015

Integrating security tools with business tools is important. It’s also an overlooked process for many enterprises. By answering a few critical questions for your organization, however, you may be on your way to better understanding (and protecting) your environment. Let’s… Read More

Threat Intelligence, Partnerships Help Create “Cyber Herd Immunity”

By: April 29, 2015

Herd immunity is a powerful form of disease and infection protection. It is the indirect protection against infectious disease that results from a large percentage of a population becoming immune to a particular infection. In essence, the individual is safer… Read More