There is No “Winning the War on Hackers”

By: July 17, 2015

We are not winning the war on hackers. And we never, ever will. Yup, you heard me. Are we winning the war on house fires? How about the one on drunk drivers? I certainly see something about them on the… Read More

#BENVLOG: Adding Creative Cyber Resiliency with a Splash of Honey

By: July 15, 2015

In today’s video blog, Bit9 + Carbon Black Chief Security Strategist Ben Johnson discusses how improving your security posture and customizing your defenses may come down to something like honey.

Tech Tuesday Video: Creating an Event Alert in the Bit9 Security Platform

By: July 14, 2015

In this video, learn to craft an email alert—using the Bit9 Security Platform—to fire when USB activity is detected on an endpoint. The Bit9 Security Platform is the most comprehensive endpoint threat protection solution. From a single agent, Bit9 provides… Read More

Less Than 24 Hours Remain Until the Windows Server 2003 End-of-Life Deadline

By: July 13, 2015

Tomorrow is the big day! There are less than 24 hours until July 14, 2015, which marks the Windows Server 2003 End-of-Life Deadline. Tomorrow, Microsoft will end support for all versions of Windows Server 2003. This means that Microsoft will… Read More

Banking Industry Placing Too Much Trust in IT Vendors without Proper Due Diligence

By: July 10, 2015

According to USA Today, fewer than half of banks in a recent survey said they conduct any on-site assessments of third-party vendors. Among some of the other findings: Roughly one in five banks failed to conduct on-site assessments of the… Read More

#BENVLOG: When it Comes to Opportunistic Attacks, Where Are Your ‘Numbers?’

By: July 9, 2015

In this week’s #BENVLOG, Bit9 + Carbon Black’s Chief Security Strategist, Ben Johnson, discusses how stopping opportunistic attacks becomes a numbers game. With the focus on targeted threats, are you ignoring the opportunistic ones?