Black Hat and DEF CON 2015 Were Flush with Threat Research Ideas

By: August 10, 2015

This year’s Black Hat had yet another exciting lineup of talks. There was a smorgasbord of topics and several really piqued my interest. The primary focus of my interests at Black Hat revolved around my current threat research projects. Things… Read More

A First-Time Trip to DEF CON Doesn’t Disappoint

By: August 10, 2015

As a first-time attendee to DEF CON, I had been hearing tons of stories from coworkers leading up to the trip to Las Vegas. From the stories about the different villages, the talks, the “Wall of Sheep,” and, of course,… Read More

Carbon Black “In the Cloud” is Only the Beginning

By: August 7, 2015

Not too long ago, I met with several of Bit9 + Carbon Black’s key leaders and outlined what it would take to move Carbon Black to the cloud. The level of enthusiasm following that meeting was humbling and energizing. Earlier… Read More

Demo: Latest Integration with Infoblox Unites DNS with ETDR

By: August 6, 2015

Judging by the press announcements coming out of Black Hat this week, you’d think that connecting endpoint and network security was a new idea. But it’s something we here at Bit9 + Carbon Black pioneered more than two years ago… Read More

Bit9 + Carbon Black Threat Research Team Unveils Nefarious Intents of “Volume Shadows Copies”

By: August 5, 2015

Some variants of the CryptoLocker ransomware family are known for deleting all volume shadow copies to prevent restoring from backup. The ransomware does this by executing the “Vssadmin delete shadows /all” command. In this post we will focus on how… Read More

Tech Tuesday Video: Using the Bit9 Security Platform for FIM/FIC

By: August 4, 2015

In this video learn how to create custom file integrity monitoring or file integrity control rules within the Bit9 Security Platform. The Bit9 Security Platform is the most comprehensive endpoint threat protection solution. From a single agent, Bit9 provides organizations… Read More