Customer Use Case: “Searching for Zeus, I found so much more…”

By: February 19, 2015

(Editor’s Note: This post was written by an information security engineer who works for a Bit9 + Carbon Black customer. The engineer submitted this post after “hunting for evil” using Carbon Black and wanted to share the information with the… Read More

‘Equation Group’ Report Reveals Something We Already Knew

By: February 18, 2015

According to a new report from Kaspersky, the ‘Equation Group’ made a breakthrough by figuring out how to lodge malware inside the firmware that’s launched every time a computer is turned on. Firmware, as we know, is very valuable real… Read More

VIDEO – Hacking Our Critical Infrastructure: Espionage and Cyberwar

By: February 18, 2015

On Tuesday, HackSurfer hosted a Google Hangout with Adam Meyer and Bit9 + Carbon Black’s Chief Technology Officer, Harry Sverdlove. The discussion topic was “Hacking Our Critical Infrastructure: Espionage and Cyberwar.” Check out the video below to view the session in… Read More

It’s Time to Get Security Wise about Our ‘Smart’ Cars

By: February 17, 2015

According to a recent report from Sen. Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.), serious gaps in security and customer privacy affect nearly every vehicle that uses wireless technology. The report, “Tracking & Hacking: Security & Privacy Gaps Put American Drivers at Risk,”… Read More

In a Sea of APT “Icebergs,” Are You Thinking Big Enough?

By: February 13, 2015

In today’s post, I’m going to expand on an information security metaphor I introduced last week: the “sinking ship.” What might a sinking ship teach us about threats and security best practices? What sinks ships? Saboteurs? Nope, too cloak and… Read More

CTO Corner: Creation of CTIIC Demonstrates Heightened Importance of Cyber Security

By: February 11, 2015

The U.S. government is establishing a new federal agency tasked with correlating threat intelligence information and providing analysis of cyber-security risks. The new agency, known as the Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center (CTIIC), was officially announced Tuesday. The CTIIC will… Read More