How to Thwart a Social Engineering Attack Using Trusted Icon Recognition

By: April 17, 2015

One of the most popular attack techniques used today is social engineering, most often via emails that convince a user to run an executable. For attackers, there are two critical components to making social engineering successful: The situation described convinces… Read More

Open APIs Can Serve as Unsung Heroes in a Culture of Data Sharing

By: April 16, 2015

It’s well known that hackers work together. They share information, tactics, malware and access, and they help each other get into your organization and steal your critical data. However, if you look through the screen to the other side, the… Read More

Carbon Black 5.1 Demo: Understand How an Attack Started and Then Fix the Problem

By: April 15, 2015

Data breaches unfold at a maddening pace. Organizations that are able to keep pace with an attack–or even stay ahead of it–are exponentially better at preventing the bad guys from getting out with anything valuable once they’ve gotten in. And… Read More

Is Your Security Strategy a House of Cards?

By: April 14, 2015

If you are a fan of the Netflix series House of Cards, you know that Frank Underwood enjoys playing video games. In a season three episode, he is shown playing the MC Escher-esque game “Monument Valley” on his iPad, depicted… Read More

3 Reasons Why Breached Organizations Are More Susceptible to Future Attacks

By: April 13, 2015

According to report from KrebsOnSecurity, the hotel franchise firm White Lodging Services Corporation acknowledged a suspected point-of-sale beach at 10 locations. As noted in the report, this is the second time in a year that multiple financial institutions noted fraud… Read More

A Condition Monitoring Approach to Cyber Security, Part 2 – Visibility is Key

By: April 13, 2015

To a plant maintenance engineer, the chance that a project might “blow up” is more than just a figure of speech—it’s a real-life risk. So we can be sure that these maintenance managers take their jobs very seriously. In this… Read More