PRISM: An Unauthorized Version of CISPA?

By: June 13, 2013

Many cybersecurity professionals will tell you that better communication between U.S. companies and the government is needed to effectively deal with the growing number of cyber attacks. Despite the ultimate unpopularity of the proposed-but-never-enacted Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act… Read More

The Connected Business: Android and Social Networking Malware Thriving

By: June 6, 2013
Android Malware

Both Android and Facebook share common threads: they give their users control; they’re the most popular in their space; and they have difficulty containing their users while not removing value. Elements of these features are what have made these platforms… Read More

Mobile Security: Crunchy on the Outside, Soft on the Inside

By: May 7, 2013

When we hear of mobile malware (especially on Android) growing 163 percent or infecting 32.8 million devices in 2012, it’s easy to understand why having a security strategy and solution for employee-owned devices is essential. However, what can sometimes get… Read More

ACLU Calls for Investigation of Android Security Threat – Blames Carriers

By: April 24, 2013
Android Fragmentation

The ACLU recently wrote a 16-page complaint to the Federal Trade Commission accusing wireless carriers of purposefully preventing the push of patch updates to most Android devices, leaving them vulnerable to attack. Most of the known security flaws on Android… Read More

The Rapid Ascent of Mobile Malware (and Where We are Headed)

By: December 31, 2012

It was the late 1990s, when Melissa and LoveLetter were discovered, that the world realized the potential for damage caused by malware targeting desktops on a massive scale. Subsequent discoveries of Win32/Nimda, CodeRed and others showed significant enhancements, including the… Read More

15 Tips to Be a Safe and Informed Cybershopper this Holiday Season

By: December 10, 2012
Android Gift

According to an estimate I saw on the NRF website, around 129 million Americans shopped online to scoop up bargains on Cyber Monday. That’s not counting folks like me who spent some portion of their Thanksgiving weekend between food and… Read More