EMV Chip Card Technology – Cure-all or Band-Aid?

By: November 11, 2014

EMV Chip Card Technology: Where We Are Now Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last year, you’ve undoubtedly seen the news regarding breaches at major retailers. If we had to narrow the coverage down into two sentences… Read More

See Something, Say Something

By: February 6, 2014
Secure credit card (Gold)

Are we witnessing an explosion in new credit card attacks? I don’t think so. The problem is bad–really bad in fact—but what we’re witnessing is simply a (likely and unfortunately temporary) explosion in awareness among consumers. Continue reading

Rely on Bit9 as a PCI Compensating Control

By: January 24, 2014

The Bit9 Security Platform can meet the needs of all organizations that accept credit card payments via POS devices as a compensating control for PCI DSS compliance. Continue reading

April’s Fools: Another Massive Credit Card Data Breach

By: April 1, 2012

Here we go again, this (stolen) record is starting to get old. OK. I’m annoyed. It was a long week. End of the quarter and all that. The news keeps coming out that China is using cyber espionage to steal pretty much… Read More

The Inevitable Failure of “User Education”

By: March 28, 2012

Occasionally one hears security pundits talking about “educating the user” as being one of the pillars of enterprise security, usually in conjunction with a couple of other security aphorisms.  The inference one can draw from such statements is that enterprise… Read More

Negative Security Model: 3 ways It’s Not Making the Grade for Retail PCI

By: February 28, 2012

There are many challenges that retailers are facing when it comes to maintaining a state of continuous PCI compliance.  Not only do they need to ensure that they are constantly meeting the specifications of the PCI DSS, but they also need to ensure… Read More